SH Flight Simulation & Aviation Art

Spitfire Histories creates replica flight, engine and cockpit controls of the famous MkIX Spitfire for virtual pilots who use home pc flight simulators. With a modest investment in our controls you can enjoy a realistic flight experience in simulators like DCS, IL2 and TF Cliffs of Dover, or any other flight simulator on a pc.


Passionate about the Spitfire, the designer Robert Austin also creates photo-compositions of the Spitfire, available on fine art paper. He features aircraft and versions that are not seen at airshows or in museums. Each composition is accompanied by a video documentary made by the artist which tells the history of the Spitfire and the particularities of the aircraft represented.


In 2021 Spitfire Histories will be offering a mobile Spitfire cockpit section flight simulator for rental by airshow organisers, museums or for promotional events in France and Central Europe. See our News page for more details.

Spitfire IX simpit avec commandes de vol développés par Spitfire Histories

Photo-composition by R Austin