Comments from customers & fans

Mathias (Austria)

I’ve just flown the Spitfire with your controls for a little longer duration and I just wanted to let you know that the controls handle perfectly well and it’s an absolute pleasure to use them. Flying feels much better than before, using a joystick, even though I have to get used to take off my hands from the throttle in order to trim the aircraft. I’ve used your axis curves from the user manual. 



Colton (Great Britain)

I have just received and assembled the control column, it really is a work of art!



Robert (USA)

what a beautiful addition to the Flight Sim world..


Ollie (Great Britain)

I'm really enjoying the cockpit side you made me - it's great thanks


Barry (Great Britain)

Wow, it all looks brilliant! you are very talented, cant wait to get them.


Komemiute (Mudspike forum)

.... congratulation for your work! Nothing short of spectacular! 


Fridge (Mudspike Forum)

You’ve done an awesome job! Looking forward to updates as you continue!


Troll (Mudspike Forum)

I don’t know how I missed your post, but that’s awesome!

Did you design and make all the controllers too? Would love to see more details.


Tore (Norway) 

Feels and looks perfect in VR/DCS including all the other controllers from you. Just amazing how much more fun this is and the feel of flying a Spitfire is very very strong.


Jean-Pierre (France)

Thanks for the photo. Effectively its really very beautiful. Bravo to you.


Borius (Holland)

I would like to start with telling you that I love your work. I have made my own setup with aluminium spade grip and I customised the Saitek throttle to fit the Spit. The complete set you produce would be a great upgrade.


Jon (Great Britain)

I must say the controls are very well designed and built.


Storm (EAF Forum)

WOW Really Beautiful! Congrats! 


Jimmi (EAF Forum)

a real work of love!

Brilliant! Great work indeed!
We’ll need to organize an event here in Italy! When you are ready!


Chip (EAF Forum)

Beautiful project!! 

I’d ask for one, but I don’t think my wife would agree… 


Adrian (Facebook)

Wow your spitfire simpit looks great. 


Master (SimHQ forum)

...... With that said, pretty freaking cool setup!


Starfire (79vRAF blog)

It looks really cool :-)


Harvey (Great Britain)

Great job, I am impressed! 

Looks like a lot of complicated work