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Spitfire pedals adapted for Saitek base

Mid October 2020

SH replica two tread Spitfire pedals have been adapted to fit Saitek RP bases unit.

Further to a recent customer order we are happy to announce that we can now supply Spitfire Histories replica two step Spitfire rudder pedals for customers who use Saitek rudder pedal base units. Depending on the model Saitek ProFlight standard or combat versions the pedals either fit directly on to the T shaped Saitek footrest or on to the oval rudder pedal fitting with a T shaped adapter provided by us.

The Saitek pedal base already offers a fairly widely spaced rudder pedal arrangement, but this is still too narrow compared to the real aircraft, so we are testing offset adapters which give the correct spacing.

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New Spitfire controls soon available

October 2020

Spitfire Histories designer Bob Austin took advantage of confinement to extend the range of Spitfire cockpit simulator controls that will soon be avaialble for sale.

As previously announced design and testing work continued during confinement to extend the range of Spitfire cockpit controls that we will offer to customers. These include : Flaps Lever, Main Fuel Cock, Auxiliary Feuel Tank Cock & Jettison Handle, Wobble Pump, Starter & Booster Buttons, standard RAF 5C/543 on/off switches, scale two-step rudder pedals and instrument panel gauge facings.

More details about these controls can be found in the new "Spitfire Sim Parts" section of the website. This is a bit of a teaser for the moment as several of the parts are still being tested either here or with beta testers !

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Special order : Spitfire two step pedal

A commander à partir de mai 2020

A customer asked us to conceive a replica two step rudder pedals for his Spitfire cockpit. A challenge that we couldn't refuse !

In order to complete the look of his cockpit, even if one does not watch one's feet while flying, a good customer asked us if we could make up a set of two step Spitfire pedals that he wanted to fit onto a new pedal base that he had just purchased. The design challenge was therefore to design an exact replica but with modifications to the support to fit his equipement. So we decided to re-draw an exact replica using original Supermarine Aviation Works drawings and a second set with modifications to suit the customer's pedal base. With this approach we will be able to adapt the support for any comercially available rudder base set.

It should be noted that the replicas, printed in 3D, are not intended for use with rotational braking systems. In the Spitfire the brake lever is on the spade grip and differential braking is acheived by pushing the rudder bar left & right.

We also recommend that customer not use the upper step, originally conceived to reduce positive G effects, as when flying behind a desk our body will never be subject to more than 1G evenif we black out on the screen !

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Design of new controls continues

April 2020

During confinement in April 2020 the time has been put to profit to conceive new controls for the Spitfire cockpit.

In the last few days we have finished the design for the MkIX Spitfire auxiliary tank cock lever & jettison handle unit and have been able to sucessfully test it in DCS. It was then time to get on with the main fuel tank cock lever and mounting bracket. A prototype of this has been installed in our mobile simulator cockpit, which will be made available to the public at airshows & meetings once these are allowed again by the authorities. In the meantime stay safe and fly on-line ! Photos of the new controls can be found on our Facebook page.

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Production Interrupted

From 6th avril 2020

As a result of Covid 19 we are now 3D printing supports for transparent face shields.

Because of Covid 19 we have temporarily stopped production of parts for our flight simulator kits simulateur. Instead we are now printing supports and clips for transparent face protection shields. Our production capacity is quite limited so we are supplying in priority our local shops and commerces.

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Replica Cockpit : Progress


The construction of a replica Spitfire MkiX cockpit continues with work on the instrument panel.

Before adding the skin panels to the frame work continues on refining the inside elements, because the Spitfire cockpit is quite a tight fit and it is easier to work on interior items before closing everything up. Current work is on the instrument panel which even though a part has been cut away for the video screen required by the flight sim programs, is being fitted with instrument facings and other details to add to the realism. A relpica Ki-Gass engine priming pump has just been completed and design of the fuel cock and jetisson handle for the drop tank is underway. For photos of these and more visit our Facebook page : Spitfire Histories.

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New Spitfire Flight Simulator

From May 2020

For the 2020 season Spitfire Histories is launching our new Spitfire simulator. To avoid disappointment book it now !

This new flight simulator of the famous Spitfire MkIX has been designed to facilitate visitor access while keeping the rather intimate feeling of the Spitfire cockpit. Equipped with strict replicas of flight and engine controls specially developed by us, it offers a real virtual flying experience to pilots. The simulator is accompanied by its "flight instructor" who knows how to handle visitor flow and how to optimize the experience for each level of pilot. Contact us for a quotation.

The simulator is based near Paris in France and can be fairly easily transported to locations in central Europe. 

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SH Two Step replica Spitfire Rudder Pedal for Saitek

Spitfire Histories Main Fuel Tank Cock

Spitfire Histories Auxiliary Fuel Tank Cock & Jettison Lever