SH Flight Simulation

SH simulator controls have been re-designed in 3D software from original Supermarine Aviation Works technical drawings and other sources. While preserving exterior dimensions, the inside of the parts have been modified to replace their original mechanical, pneumatic or electrical systems with modern electronics adapted for home pc’s. Some controls are even assembled just like the originals with real nuts, bolts, spacers and washers.


The majority of components are created by 3D printing using PLA+ plastic filament. Some assemblies are completed with PVC tubes or aluminium bars mounted on MDF panels.


SH controls are designed for two main uses :


Home desktop installations, where the controls are finished as complete flight control modules with an in-built USB game controller. They can be quickly and easily installed to your pc, and come with a Users Manual to help set up the controls in popular combat flight simulators.


Replica Spitfire cockpits ; our controls are true scale per the original designs, but we can adapt the fixing brackets, wiring and PCB game controllers of our assemblies or controls to suit your cockpit installation.