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New design feature added to the SH firing button

The new version now includes the firing indicator pin

New design feature added to the SH firing button

The initial design of the Spitfire Histories spade grip did make provision for the addition of the firing button indicator pin, but since this had no additional functional use with flight simulators it was left aside for future development. I am happy to announce that this design feature has been now been added as standard and will be available on all new orders for our Control Column Module.

The design challenge was to add the mechanism in an already confined space where room needed to be left for the movement of the spring loaded firing paddle plate and the circuit board upon which the two micro pushbuttons are mounted.

The photo shows the pin popping out of the top of the firing button housing in the FIRE position. This indicator retracts when the safety lever at the bottom of the housing is swung to the left.

The indicator pin was no doubt added by Dunlop, as the safety lever is rather discrete and not really visible to the pilot. The SH unit retains its original firing plate locking mechanism and electro-optical switch which tells the sim when the safety mechanism is activated.

This new visual and tactile feature will also be useful to modern day sim pilots who use VR.

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